"Best use of PD funds ever!""All educators need this training!" "The most amazing training and process we have ever had!" "Totally Empowering" "It feels more authentic and like it will help me grow" "For the first time I feel like I’m part of the process" "For the first time I feel I'm making a difference across the school." "It takes supervision to a new level." "It's not just an observation tool, but a tool for the growth of the whole school." "Can you do it everyday please?"

Maximizing Teaching & Learning Growth

“Classroom observation can lead to telling teachers to do what I did, to advocating different ways of teaching, and to complying with accountability edicts.  Trust Based Observations starts where it matters, establishing trust, building on strengths, focusing on the impact of teachers on the learning lives of students, showing how to have open conversations about learning, and demonstrating collective teacher efficacy in action.”

John Hattie
author of Visible Learning

“TBO represents one of the biggest gains to improving teaching and learning that exists. Craig Randall’s Trust Based Observation shows us what a culture of trust is and provides many ideas for putting TBO into practice. If you want improvement, read TBO and use its ideas.”

Michael Fullan
Best-Selling Author and Professor Emeritus
OISE/University of Toronto

“Craig’s book has many deeply insightful and compelling ideas. And indeed research shows that when students trust that educators believe in them and their development, their learning can be significantly enhanced.”

Carol Dweck
Author of Mindset

“Craig’s much needed book is a must read for every school leader involved directly or indirectly in performing teacher observations. Trust Based Observations succeeds because it stresses heart before head. It shows that by putting relationships and people first, trust is built. With trust present, observations are now used to bring out the best in teachers because they feel safe to take risks and know they will be supported as they strive to improve.”

Jon Gordon
Best-selling author of The Power of Positive Leadership and The Energy Bus

“In any field, practitioners need honest, well-intentioned, and trustworthy feedback in order to succeed and improve. If the feedback process is compromised by suspicion and anxiety, it quickly becomes useless, even counterproductive. In this thoughtful and empathetic book, Craig Randall details how teacher observation has gone awry and how to put it back on track. He offers a sensible, empirically grounded technique, as well as indispensable advice on how to build trusting relationships among educators.”

Ulrich Boser
Author of  Learn Better and The Leap: The Science of Trust and Why It Matters

“Most teachers view administrator observations as inauthentic for capturing what happens in classroom instruction. Most administrators want the observation process to be supportive and not an obligatory hoop to jump through. Craig Randall’s book is a game changer. Honed by deep experiences, Trust Based Observations combines empathy and growth mindset to create a powerful system for professional collaboration that enables teacher growth and an empowered professional community. This book opens a new and liberating world for positive and productive classroom visits.”

John McCarthy
Author of So All Can Learn: A Practical Guide to Differentiation

“Trust Based Observation is an overdue rethink of how to support the most important asset in schools and in the lives of students: their teachers. TBO honors the art and science of teaching and the complexity of creating learning environments where all students can find success and challenge.”

Glenn Whitman
Best-Selling Author of The Power of Positive Leadership and The Energy Bus

“Trust Based Observations should be on the shelf of every administrator. It offers brisk, engaging writing and makes a compelling case for why we should radically rethink teacher observations. The book is never preachy and is full of practical resources that principals and school leaders can use immediately. I have experienced Craig’s trust-based method personally when he was my principal and can honestly say that the observation process was empowering, greatly impacting my subsequent work as a coach. This is a must-have for leaders that want to improve morale, feedback, and trust.”

Alex Wiggins
Author of The Best Class You Never Taught: How Spider Web Discussions Can Turn Students into Learning Leaders

“Written from the perspective of an educator who has a wealth of experience working in educational institutions internationally, this book provides an interesting contribution to the thinking and practice surrounding the use of observation in educational contexts. In Trust Based Observations, Craig puts forward a compelling case for engaging with observation as a supportive tool for teacher learning and provides a framework for educators to apply this.”

Matthew O’Leary
Author of Classroom Observation: A Guide to the Effective Observation of Teaching and Learning and Reclaiming Lesson Observations: Supporting Excellence in Teacher Learning

The teacher observation evaluation process is supposed to improve teaching and learning, but research makes it clear that it doesn’t. In fact, it creates fear, which stifles teacher innovation and risk-taking.

Trust-Based Observations changes that. 

We Empower Teachers Towards Innovation & Risk Taking by:

Using emotional intelligence to build trusting relationships.
Focusing on strengths.
Eliminating evaluative grading of pedagogy.
Using a manageable observation form.
Committing time to make frequent observations of all teachers.
Listening actively during timely, reflective conversations.

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The teacher observation evaluation process is supposed to improve teaching and learning, but research makes it clear that it doesn’t. In fact, it creates fear, which stifles teacher innovation and risk-taking. 

Trust-Based Observations changes that. 


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