Services I provide

I offer a variety of services to help improve teaching and learning growth. Obviously the core of what I offer is training on implementation of Trust-Based Observations for school employees who engage in school observers.

Implementing Trust-Based Observations

The normal routine is to spend a week at your school(s), working with school leaders to prepare to implement Trust-Based Observations. I work with you to adopt or adapt Trust-Based Observations to meet the specific needs of your school. I  begin with a consultation to determine your wants and build a program based off of that information. Together we usually will work on:

The needs of your school

Preparing for implementation

Creating time, creating a schedule, creating a routine

Pre-observation preparation steps

Teaching and Learning on the pedagogical ‘evidence of’ categories on the form

Practicing Trust-Based Observations

Practice reflective conversations

Calibrating observer alignment

Discussing and practicing difficult conversations and action plans

Building trusting relationships, practicing patience, using emotional intelligence

Creating innovative risk takers through trust and data based action research big goals

TBO evaluation–professionalism, collegiality and growth or fixed mindset

Sharing then implementing the new observation protocol with teachers

Additional Consulting Services

Creating a Student Success Center

I offer consultation on creating a Student Success Center at your school. Student Success Centers are designed to help ensure success for each student. The SSC involves all teachers and targets each student who is struggling academically, even if only in a single course, and provides individual or small group assistance to help students improve understanding. Additionally, to build student responsibility we’ve created, and share with you, our homework completion element of the Student Success Center which ‘encourages’ students to develop greater responsibility with taking care of their school responsibilities in a timely manner. The use of the center has seen huge leaps in student performance and grades, an improved student sense of success and belief in self, and increased student responsibility demonstrated by a dramatic increase in students completing independent work.

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Creating a Senior Life Skills Lab

I offer consultation on the creation of a Life Skills Lab. As students prepare to move on towards independence after graduation there is an increasing sense of responsibility to prepare our graduates for the myriad of daily, weekly and monthly duties that are part of encapsulating the actions of successful adults. A Life Skills Lab addresses these duties. We’ve developed a program to prepare seniors for these responsibilities and are happy to share our program with you. We provide teaching and learning opportunities for any potential area that a senior might need to know about which will help them succeed on the next level. Anything from being a good roommate, to managing money to basic auto maintenance, laundry and beyond is taught. Students love the learning and find the bonding experiences of working on these life skills with friends in a relaxed environment to be very rewarding.

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