Meet Craig Randall

Maximizing Teaching and Learning Growth

Craig Randall: Versatile career, well rounded education professional.”

Craig began his career in education in Washington state after receiving his B.A. in English Literature from the University of Washington and his M.Ed. in Guidance/Counseling from Saint Martin’s University. His professional life began as an elementary school counselor. As part of his counseling work he spent one year as a middle school counselor, assigned to a classroom with a group of students with severe behavior issues intense enough to require physical restraint 180 out of 180 days.

Sports Leadership, Disabled Students Advocate
In addition to working with students in the classroom, Craig spent time in school sports. Coaching sports along the way led to a career detour, still in education, but as a collegiate basketball coach in both Oregon and Washington. Other duties along the way accompanying these jobs included adjunct teaching and disabled student services coordinator. Ultimately wanting to fulfill a long time goal of teaching overseas, he left coaching.

International Experience
Craig, and his wife Michele, also an educator, and their twins, Acalia and Craigo, moved overseas to begin new careers as international school educators. Starting in 2012, Craig lived and worked in Poland, Korea, the Middle East and Brazil. Concurrent with this change to international education was a decision to get principal certification. This led to attendance at Western Washington University in the summers where he graduated with his Residency Principal Certificate. This change led to a move into leadership as an assistant principal and principal.

Change from Building Trust
During the course of Craig’s principal career he discovered that teachers responded overwhelmingly well to his supportive style of leadership. His style is rooted in frequent observations where trusting relationships with teachers are built by focusing on observed teacher strengths and active listening during the reflective follow-up conversations. Born of teachers’ overwhelmingly positive responses to his support, Trust-Based Observations began and evolved over the ensuing years.

Finally, a desire to positively impact teaching and learning on a larger scale led to the formal birth of Trust-Based Observations, and a move into educational leadership consulting. Driven by his love of teachers and a desire to do what’s best for kids, he invites you to maximize teaching and learning by joining him on the journey to create Trust-Based Observations at your school.