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Meet Craig Randall

Maximizing Teaching and Learning Growth

Craig RandallCounselor, Coach, Teacher, Principal, Author, Trainer, and Consultant.

About Craig Randall

Craig Randall is the author of Trust-Based Observations: Maximizing Teaching and Learning Growth. His experience working as a school counselor, teacher, coach, and principal led to the development of a transformative model of teacher observation. TBO’s focus on strengths and building differentiated trusting relationships with each teacher results in creating work environments where teachers feel safe embracing taking risks experimenting with new practices. The results are improved teaching and learning, and the development of a schoolwide culture of trust and care from the top all the way down to our most precious resource, the students.

Craig currently trains school leaders in Trust-Based Observations, showing them how to lead impactful observations and reflective conversations. In addition, Craig also regularly speaks at conferences across the globe.

Finding Mentorship and TBO

Craig wasn’t a perfect student and never really had a mentor teacher growing up. When he started his principal certification program he found that mentor, Warren Aller, and his calling. Warren taught Craig the importance of spending time in classes every day, observing teachers, supporting them, focusing on strengths and asking them about their practice.


The two questions they would ask teachers in observation follow-up conversations in his Supervision class way back when still drive TBO today:

  • What were you doing to help students learn?
  • If you had the opportunity to reteach the lesson, what if anything, might you have done differently?

That experience drove the development of TBO as Craig worked as an Assistant Principal and Principal in Asia, the Middle East and South America. The model evolved and evolved. Key in that development was the creation of the TBO Observation Form with its nine specific areas of pedagogy. This form doubles as a hyperlinked professional development tool that offers actionable growth tools only a click away.


Craig returned to the US, wrote the book, Trust Based Observations, Maximizing Teacher and Student Learning which was published in September 2020. Craig has been training school leaders in TBO ever since.



Craig lives in the beautiful but rainy Pacific Northwest with the best educator he knows, his wife Michele. Their twins Acalia and Craigo are both graduating from University this spring with honors.  Both are embarking on their own careers in education, Acalia in Academia, and Craigo as a teacher in Philadelphia. He is immensely proud of both of them.


Craig likes to spend his free time riding his bike, cooking (you have to get him to make his amazing homemade pizza for you), exercising, going to the movies, and watching his beloved Seattle Seahawks and Washington Huskies.


To contact or book Craig’s services email him directly at craig@trustbased.com

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The teacher observation evaluation process is supposed to improve teaching and learning, but research makes it clear that it doesn’t. In fact, it creates fear, which stifles teacher innovation and risk-taking. 

Trust-Based Observations changes that. 


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