"Best use of PD funds ever!""All educators need this training!" "The most amazing training and process we have ever had!" "Totally Empowering" "It feels more authentic and like it will help me grow" "For the first time I feel like I’m part of the process" "For the first time I feel I'm making a difference across the school." "It takes supervision to a new level." "It's not just an observation tool, but a tool for the growth of the whole school." "Can you do it everyday please?"

Get Trained in Trust-Based Observations

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“If you purchase any professional development, and you truly want to change your school, it has to be Trust-Based Observations. It has blown the lid off what we can achieve here.” – Claire Garnett

“I can state with all honesty that this training was nothing short of revolutionary.” – Sara Wilson

“I was blown away by Trust-Based Observations; it is truly remarkable and I have never enjoyed a training as much as this. We cannot recommend TBO highly enough; every school needs this training.” – Annika Williams

“Best use of PD funds ever!” – Glen Woodburn

First and foremost Trust-Based Observations (TBO) wants to help you transform your teacher observation/evaluation process and maximize your students’ learning. We are here to provide training and support as you implement TBO. Keep reading for details.

Trust-Based Observations Training


The normal training consists mostly of spending an intensive week practicing by doing over and over again. We work with you and your school leaders, exhaustively teaching and preparing you to successfully and confidently implement Trust-Based Observations. Leaders progress from feeling a little overwhelmed on Monday to proudly saying, “I got this,” on Friday.

If you purchase, a typical training week goes as follows:


  • Begin building our own trusting relationships
  • Go over the observation form in detail
  • Observe each other teaching mini 10 minute lessons
  • Model a reflective conversation
  • Practice reflective conversations
  • Reflect on the reflective conversations

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Morning:

  • Observe teachers as a group,
  • Reflect together on the observations, basically as peer-to peer formative assessment and teaching others
  • Take turns engaging in reflective conversations
  • Reflect on the reflective conversations

Friday Afternoon:

  • Connecting Professional Development Communities, Action Research Goals, and the Teacher Self-Assessment Rubric
  • Summative Evaluation
  • Organization and Managing Time
  • Offering Suggestions
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Teaching and Learning Alignment Checks
  • Anything Else

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