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Trust-Based Observations(TBO) wants to help you transform your teacher observation/evaluation process and maximize your students’ learning. 

First and foremost TBO wants to cater the implementation training to you and the needs of your school and/or district. Whether it’s fully adopting or adapting Trust-Based Observations, we are here to provide support and training as you implement TBO.

Typical Trust Based Observations Training

The normal routine is to spend a week at your school(s), working with school leaders to implement Trust Based Observations. Weeks prior to the training TBO will schedule one or more distance consultation meetings to learn about your school(s), including culture, and its wants and needs. TBO will cater the training as appropriate based on these conversations.Training usually includes:

Learning the system basics

Learning all about the Trust-Based Observation/Reflection form

Practicing Trust-Based Observations with other school leaders and teachers (lots)

Practicing Reflective Conversations with other school leaders and teachers (lots)

Calibrating observer alignment

Learning to build trusting relationships, practice patience, and use emotional intelligence

Connecting and aligning professional development directly to the observations

Creating Professional Development Communities and action research big goals

Managing and Creating Time, Schedules, and Routine

Learning the TBO evaluation system: Planning and Preparation, Community and Collegiality, Professionalism and Mindset.

Learning how to engage in difficult conversations and create action plans

Training office managers to support school leaders in managing their time efficiently

Sharing TBO protocols with teachers

For inquiries about speaking engagements or virtual consultations, please contact Craig!

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