Trust-Based Observations During COVID-19 

Providing Support

During these incredibly trying Covid-19 times, providing support to our teachers is even more important. School has been upended. There is fear and uncertainty for teachers, students, parents, and school leaders. No matter the model a school is using as classes resume: in-person, remote, or hybrid, Trust-Based Observations is here to help.

We offer a variety of methods to provide Trust-Based Observation training and consulting. We train: remotely, in-person, or a combination of in-person and remote. 

We’ve adapted the way we train and can now show you how to successfully observe teachers and engage in productive reflective conversations with them through Zoom and/or social distancing measures. 

If we choose to look at this pandemic through a glass half-full lens, there is an amazing opportunity for teachers to innovate and reinvent their teaching in order to ensure successful learning for their students. As a school leader, you can use the observation process to create the safe and trusting environment necessary for teaching to embrace risk-taking to grow their practice. 

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